Hi All,
After numerous requests for a workshop/seminar I’ve decided to see if we cant put one together in the spring. Perhaps the end of April or the beginning of May. The class would be limited to 5 people for 5 days, not including arrival and departure days. So it would be 5 full days, from breakfast until whenever we hit the sack.
All-inclusive, that is to say I’ll pick you up and drop you off at the airport (150 miles), breakfast, lunch, and dinner and camping, showers ect… If you prefer a B&B or motel there are numerous ones in the valley. …umm…not included…
I will provide all the knife making materials you might want… unless it’s gold or ivory or something.

Jerry Rados will be here to man the forge as well as show us all how to make a knife.
I will assume he needs no introduction. Or you can check out his website at www.radosknives.com. We’ll also have a couple other knife makers here to help out.

After taking an engraving class by Rick Eaton I realized that no set curriculum works pretty well as my desires and questions might not necessarily match up with the other students. I could learn what I wanted and when, so for me that was a lot more bang for the buck. So between Jerry and I, that should work out pretty well.

My shop is pretty good sized, around 3000 sq.ft., Plus a forging area, So it wont be tight. Machines and tools are to many to list, but I’ve never stopped expanding in 30 plus years. Although numerous wives have tried to stop me.

Things we could cover would include:
Surface Grinding
CNC milling
Tig welding
Knife design and mechanisms
Machine design
Cad and Cam, CNC programing
Sandblasting and texturing
Using a computer for knife making and engraving
Website design and construction
Knife photography
… and thinkin out of the box…

Umm… Billiards and snooker… was that out loud?
$1500 bucks for the week. 100 bucks to hold the spot, refundable up to 45 days prior to the get together. Dates are somewhat tentative, I figured to let the 5 folks make contact and figure out what works for them. Pretty open on this end.

Just give me a call or drop me an email if your interested.

Update Sept 10: 3 spots filled.

Anyone that would like to stay a few extra days is welcome. I hear the fishing is pretty good here. Anyone wanting to see the area can punch these cords into Google earth.