Celebrating 25 years in Custom Knife Making

Thanks for visiting my site. Most of my knives are on a custom order basis, if you see something you like just give me a call and we can talk about the various options available for each knife, and build it to suit your taste. The majority of my knives are automatics, but every knife shown except the OTF's, have a "Mini" Auto version, as well as a manual version.

So after 3 years in the making...

Here-after refered to as simply the Triton or T-II

The Triton II (T-II) looks physically the same as the original. It will be scaled up 1.1%, making it 1" longer. .5" to the blade and .5 to the frame. Blade will now be 4". Frame thickness will increase to .6", from .5. This will allow inlays as opposed to overlays like I've had to use in the past.

The lock up and the entire function of the mechanism will be blade independent. This, among other virtues, will allow interchangeable blades. Very easy to swap out.

I'd like to go into the mechanics a bit more but have been advised against it until the patents go thru.

I will be working with Arthur Guzzo and Randy Phillips, (of HARDCORE Products). Our collaboration will be know  as "Harkins Hardcore KnifeWerks" (HHK).  We will also be working with a host of some of the best  knifemakers we know.

The reasoning behind this is to keep these knives all custom. So after we've selected who we believe to be the best knife grinders, we'll send out 10 blade blanks for them to grind. As the blades are completely inter-changeable you could have a Triton with 3 different blades ground by your favorite knifemaker. I'll still be grinding as well.

Something of a knife grinding network.

The first of the new Tritons will be available in August

There are 3 tiers of Tritons, a base model Aluminum model Triton, what some in the industry call a Mid-tech. All the parts are made by Randy Phillips, Arthur Guzzo and myself, except for the blade grinding, which will be ground in Washington state. This will lower the price by a 30% putting it around $1000.

The next level will be essentially the same as above but a hand ground Damascus or high end Stainless steel blade. Inlays, and various other accoutrements are available. Fully custom and customizable to your desires.
These start around $1500.

The 3rd tier will begin as my base model Triton always has. 416ss frames,
CPM 154 blade. Please check out the Triton page for just a few of the available options. Base price is $2300.

Just drop me an e-mail if you would like to pre-order, or contact Arthur Guzzo at Arthur@hhkknives.com

Arthur Guzzo (sales) 845-392-2637







Update May 25  2014

New new mechanism of the Triton will be incorporated into the Space knives that have not been completed.

 I am also working on some limited edition D/A OTF's with the theme of our Solar System. These will all be one of a kind relative to materials and limited to 9, one for each planet. (I know, I know, Pluto is no longer a planet, but it was when I went to school). I believe this is the largest D/A OTF ever made and has a whole new adjustable mechanism. Lock-up is comparable to that of a fixed blade.  This knife is around 13" overall and similar in shape to the art daggers of old. Prices for the 9 "Space" Knives will be around $8900. This is a ball park figure, as with a knife this large, a lot depends on the inlay materials and the amount of engraving. Just drop me a line or give me a call if you would like more information. Below is the prototype of the series.

2 of these in the series will be all Turkish twist Damascus. Please call or write for availability.


"Space" Prototype, Ponzio Turkish twist blade, Eggerling Mosaic inlays, Hot blued 4140 chrome moly frame. 36ea. 24k. gold inlays, 13" overall length. $9100.00 Sold

There are 2 "Planets" available.

“Mercury”, 2012
Meteorite and silver inlays as well as Nitre-blued carved and textured carbon steel inlays in the frame. Overall length 12 1/2” (318 mm), blade length 6 5/16” (160 mm). Doug Ponzio Turkish Twist Damascus blade and 4140 steel for the frames. Sold $12,500.00

“The Master "Prototype, 2012
This OTF auto is a compilation of the whole series, with scrimshawed ivory domes (scrimed by Bob Hergert) featuring of all the planets and the Sun, as well as having a 2" longer blade with ivory inlays. Overall length is 14 1/2”, blade length 8 5/16” (211mm).  $13,500.00 Sold

I use primarily Damascus from Jerry Rados, Doug Ponzio, and my own Damascus. For stainless I use ATS-34 and 154CM. If you have a favorite forger or prefer a different steel just let me know. I do all the engraving shown, except for a few knives and they are listed with the engravers name.




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Buster Warenski Dagger for sale.

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Alpha "Grande Comet".  Doug Ponzio Turkish twist Damascus. Button is inlayed Damascus behind the gold pivot pin. Larger version of the Alpha at almost 12", and the largest auto I make except the "Italia Grande" shown directly below. 24kt gold inlay and meteorite. 5900.00 Sold

All Rados Turkish twist Q', 24kt gold wire inlays with sapphire. 5500. Sold

Manual Italia, #1, with brain coral. 10" overall. $2050.00

Matched set of D/A OTF'S

Proatac, D/A Auto. First inlay is the button. Eggerling Damascus blade with engraving by Tim Adlam.


A Match set of Pro-Atac Xtremes, Regular size and a Mini version.




(now discontinued in lieu of the Triton  II)


Commissioned By Jeff Davoud and scrimshawed by Bob Hergert, This Triton portrays his 2 sons at different ages. Elephant ivory overlays and Stainless construction. 3300.00


Rosette Triton. Heat treated 416 ss frames, Eggerling Damascus blade that is non-etched (polished for a ceramic look) and hot gun blued. The engraving is quite deep and has multiple tone texturing. The center of the rosettes are 24k raised gold and the button has a 2.5 mm. High grade diamond set in 14k gold. Engraved by maker. $4900.00 .Sold.


"GHOULS" Ray Cover engraved Triton with gold inlays. Jerry Rados Damascus blade. $7200.00 Sold.


Midnight Alpha

The Story


The BIG 10"...   

For more Italia's


 Double Action Auto

The  first  inlay  is  the  button  ON ALL MY d/a's  or  it  can  be  thumbed  open  in  the  traditional  manner.




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